Coronavirus Business Testing
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Coronavirus Business Testing

We proudly offer COVID business testing solutions for all types of industries ranging from small businesses to large corporate offices.

With the COVID-19 pandemic a growing concern, it is more important than ever for businesses to protect their most valuable asset — the employees.

Get Rapid Results Covid Tests for Businesses

Our facility works exclusively with a certified and approved laboratory that is capable of performing accurate, high-volume testing solutions to meet our clients’ rapid demands. Outfitted with the latest technology and a team of highly trained medical staff, we aim to return Los Angeles COVID testing results in as little as 24 to 72 hours.

We Value Your Health & Wellness

Our staff takes client safety seriously. Testing is done one person at a time to ensure complete privacy and safety for every individual. With rigorous cleanliness standards in place, we ensure all contact surfaces are sanitized regularly.

All test technicians are trained in techniques to reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission. We strictly follow all government mandates for COVID-19 safety, such as requiring all staff and patients to wear a protective face mask in the building and remain at least 6 feet apart in keeping with social distancing protocol.

Protect the Health of Employees and Customers

COVID testing is a smart and simple step business owners can take to safeguard the health of both staff and customers. There have been many cases of companies reopening the doors of offices, restaurants, warehouse facilities, retail stores that have suffered dire consequences from failing to test employees before they return to work.

What Happens If an Employee Has Already Tested Positive?

Taking swift action to address a positive Coronavirus case among your staff is essential. The first thing you must do is notify other staff members and initiate a 14-day isolation period for all employees that have come in contact with the sick person until they have come in to see us for a COVID test.

A cleaning company that specializes in COVID sanitization can help stop the spread of the virus for companies that suspect contamination in the workplace. Most importantly, business owners should have all employees that had contact with the affected person come to our facility for a rapid COVID test as soon as possible.

What Does a Negative Covid Test Mean?

The turnaround time for COVID test results is 24 to 72 hours after the appointment. A negative COVID test indicates that the individual was not infected with the virus at the time the test was performed. Please note a negative test result does not preclude the tested individual from contracting the virus in the future.

Despite a negative result, it is important to continue wearing face masks in public places, perform regular hand washing, and abstain from crowds and unnecessary travel. If a person that has previously tested negative develops symptoms in the future, or comes into contact with someone that is known to be infected, they should self isolate until receiving a negative result with a new test.

How Reliable Are the Results?

As with all types of disease testing, false negative COVID results are possible. We aim to reduce the likelihood of a false negative result by performing each and every COVID-19 test with the utmost care to protect the integrity of the sample that is collected. Our lab technicians are continuously trained and updated on the latest testing techniques to ensure the most accurate results possible.

A single sick employee can cause an entire business to shut down on a moment’s notice. Not only does this affect the safety of staff and customers — it also causes business owners to face additional financial hardship related to the pandemic.

By scheduling company wide COVID tests with us, you can avoid putting your business and the health of your staff in jeopardy. All it takes is a quick phone call to book the appointment and start testing employees immediately.

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Remember, a person can contract the virus and begin spreading the disease even without having obvious symptoms. Call us today at (424) 305-5842 to learn more about our Los Angeles COVID business testing solutions to keep your staff safe.

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